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L&M  is a construction company with deep expertise in both commercial and residential construction. L&M's highly skilled construction professionals are committed to building exceptional quality commercial structures and homes that maintain both their integrity and beauty through the years. We specialize not only in new and renovation construction, but also in roofing, masonry and green construction.


For over 35 years, L&M has met the needs of homeowners, building owners and other construction contractors. We have done this by amassing a strong skill set in multiple areas of construction and restoration. Whether your needs are structural - parking garages, wall systems, waterproofing (above and below grade), flashing, etc., or decorative - cornices, patios, railings and more, we have the broad range of knowledge and professional experience needed to deliver outstanding results.


L&M's signature quality process ensures that our customers have a clear understanding of not only what we do, but how we do it. Our work processes and commitment to quality have driven L&M's long standing reputation as a leader in the industry.


What's more, L &M is committed to green building construction. We utilize sustainable designs and materials to create lasting, eco-friendly structures





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